his majesty

Majestically he rides though the forest on his trusty steed! Sculpted in Zbrush, re-topologized with Maya, textured with a mixture of softwares such as Substance painter for the PBR materials and Mari for the skin. Like many artists photoshop also played a big yet not specific part (Jack of all software?).



With the above project I thought it best to share it using the Sketchfab 3D viewer to allow for better observation although risky, there are some areas of clipping and some parts which show a great need for improvement and retouching. Like many artists I love to start new projects however I will continue to update this to fix some of the areas that I am not pleased with.

Texture maps

Above is a slideshow of the textures that I produced.

Thought process

I also wanted to share my workflow although it may not be as detailed or indepth an explanation I hope this gives a good idea of how I worked in this project.